About Us

About Us

CompFast specializing in IT solutions, services and support. Over the years our core focus of providing enterprise class IT solutions to businesses locally and Personally has continued our offering has grown to include software development and consultancy services to our many clients. Our skilled and experienced staff, supported by our purpose built Data Commnoty and state of the art network, allows us to offer a service to our clients across all our departments. We are committed to supplying, installing and supporting computer systems, servers, networks, site-to-site links and core software solutions that are planned and developed using best practice methodologies to ensure the highest levels of quality. Offering a premium, but cost effective service, we only install products and software which we have tried, tested and believe in. Brands specified include Dell, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Segate and Microsoft.


Customer Support 24/7

CompuFast supports custom configuration and standardization efforts of major IT organizations. CompuFast provides core technology solutions for the paperless work environment (document storage and data archiving), telecommuting, video conferencing, and so on.

Committed to Quality

CompuFast carries IT products and services in the market with the finest value and quality. CompuFast is a complex systems integrator who takes information from the ‘supplier partners’ to provide road-maps for the ‘customer partners’ applications.

High Touch Communication

Our goal is to answer every call with a LIVE person. Forget being in automated menu hell. If getting someone to fix your computer is as painful as the computer problem itself. If you happen to get our voicemail it becomes a ticket on our service board immediately and you can be sure to get a call back.

Security is Paramount

At CompuFast we follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. Your Security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. We educate our team and our clients on cyber security to keep networks safe. We got your back

Solve Your Business Problems

We sit on the same side of the table as YOU to provide business solutions to business problems. We don’t try to sell you the latest techno – instead – we listen to your business problem and offer several strategies to resolve the ROOT of the problem and achieve your objectives.

Fast Response To Requests

Some companies think if your problem doesn’t seem that bad they can wait a few days to call you back…. At CompuFast we get back to you fast so you know when your problem will be resolved. Our contracts spell out our response time and we respond – FAST.

Our Customers love us

CompuFast offers a broad spectrum of turnkey solutions for networking products and services, allowing its customers to quickly deploy LAN, MAN, and WAN environments to fit their networking needs and budget. CompuFast with the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry like Gigabite , Asus, Coolor Master , AMD , HP,Dell DMC, McAfee Elite, Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, 3Com, Intel Premier Provider and more.

Founded in 1995

CompuFast is recognized as one of the largest national hardware and software distributors today. Headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt, CompuFast provides highly innovative and reliable solutions to its customers. The company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. Since inception, the company has grown commendably as a provider of excellent products, backed up with superb support system. With a strong foundation established over the years, CompuFast is ready to face all the new challenges coming its way.